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Blue Sky BlackWhen Tom Allenby, the 14 year old boy who can control the elements, sees metal objects and cars rising into the air one night he knows he is facing a powerful enemy. The trail leads to stolen magnetic stones, sinister experiments in an old country house, and a village hiding a secret. As each of his friends faces challenges of their own, can Tom fight a force which knows all about them? Somehow they must overcome what divides to stop the world being plunged into crisis.
Published August 2018
Paperback and Kindle version available here

An introduction to Blue Sky Black

It’s been nine months since the events of The Spectres of Winter and during that time Tom Allenby has turned fourteen and is now in his second year living in Rooksbourne. We re-join him in November as his year’s football team lose a match 5 -0. This is soon the least of his worries however as he witnesses a night-time incident which causes cars to rise up into the air and metal objects to whirl around in a vortex. This is the first of several magnetic disturbances affecting the area which Tom finds are almost too powerful for him to deal with. What is causing them?

Meanwhile there is plenty of activity in the supposedly abandoned Ravensthorpe Hall. A team of environmentalists, a girl floating in a bubble and overgrown animals are encountered by Jake and out of towner Emma as they look to take valuable items before the place is demolished. Both Amber and Kyle face challenges of their own while the trail leads Tom to the village of Marston Hill whose inhabitants protect secret abilities.

Tom and his friends have to face birds that fire light, a deadly mist and a powerful stone circle as they struggle to prevent an astonishing plan that threatens the whole world.

Deleted scenes

Here’s some scenes that were cut from the novel