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Blue Sky Black

The fourth Heart of the World novel.

When Tom Allenby, the 14 year old boy who can control the elements, sees metal objects and cars rising into the air one night he knows he is facing a powerful enemy. The trail leads to stolen magnetic stones, sinister experiments in an old country house, and a village hiding a secret. As each of his friends faces challenges of their own, can Tom fight a force which knows all about them? Somehow they must overcome what divides to stop the world being plunged into crisis.

Available August 2018 from Amazon

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The Spectres of Winter

The third Heart of the World novel

In the thrilling third adventure Tom Allenby faces a double threat. In the depths of a freezing winter, Harrow Hill school is overrun by a force which can control ice. Meanwhile a super evolved subterranean group emerge with a plan that threatens the whole world.  Trapped and isolated can Tom and his friends overcome the dangers in time?  Or will the Spectres of Winter win?

This is the third novel in the Heart of the World series set in the village of Rooksbourne where the world’s natural energy is stored. Using an ancient rock called the Earthstone, Tom Allenby can control the elements but has much to learn as he takes on powerful figures who have their own powers.

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Living Things


Deep in Rooksbourne Woods an ancient power threatens humanity.

Thirteen year old Tom Allenby is an ordinary boy who has been given an extraordinary gift that enables him to control the elements. 


In his second incredible adventure he and his friends face a new danger.


Is the girl in his class who seems to have similar power a friend or foe?
What has happened to all the wildlife in the woods?
Who is the mysterious figure in a cloak made of leaves?
What is causing pupils at School to become violent?

Tom faces danger at every turn as he struggles to save the world.


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The first novel in the Heart of the World Series

Thirteen year old Tom Allenby is plunged into the adventure of a lifetime when he moves to the village of Rooksbourne where nothing is what it seems. With the help of new friends and a mysterious stone that gives him new powers Tom battles deadly over-sized animals, plants and birds as he races to stop a plan that threatens the whole world.

Mixing fantasy, mystery and myth Elemental is the exciting first book in the Heart of the World series!


Available to buy in both paper and digital edition from Amazon!