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The Monster's Tale





















It was some kind of monster. A being about six feet tall that had a face like a goat with striking orange and black eyes, tiny holes for nostrils and a long, curved mouth that was set in a sneer. There was a good chance it had horns but they were hidden under a black bowler hat.

Strange things are happening in the small seaside town of Malford Bay. A glowing gold box that teenager Alfie Speed finds is the only clue to a terrible event that happened forty years ago but has been erased from history. Alfie and his friends find themselves on the run from goat faced creatures and mysterious human agents who all want the box but for different reasons. Alfie has to work out who the real monsters are and save the world before it is too late in this fast moving sci-fi - fantasy-espionage -adventure!

Print and Kindle ebook versions available here 

Introduction to The Monster’s Tale

Unlike my previous five novels The Monster’s Tale is unconnected to the ongoing Heart of the World series, instead featuring a totally different set of characters and location. Things take place in and around a declining seaside town called Malford Bay which has seen better days but is about to be at the centre of a major event that threatens the whole planet.

Our hero is Alfie Speed, a modern day Artful Dodger (that’s why I gave him an Artful Dodger sort of name) who burgles large important houses but not for the reason you think. Along with his best mate Oscar and their new found friend Holly they take on the combined might of a secretive government agency and some strange aliens who have faces like goats. Both sides are looking for a gold box which glows with unusual colours, but what is it for? Why do they want it?

This story started life ten years back as a rough first draft but over the last year I’ve added a lot of new material and had great fun inventing alien tech and government behaviour which may or may not be true to life! One thing that is the same as my other books is that it’s non stop action and adventure with lots of cliffhangers and, hopefully, plenty of entertaining scenarios. It was great to write stuff set out as sea or on an old Pier.

I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it as much as I have writing it! John (August 2022)

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