Dark Nature

Deep inside the mountain known as Devil’s Peak, a group of misfit scientists’ amazing plan to solve ecological problems is threatened by an elemental menace with dangerously different ideas. As Tom Allenby tries to stop this new threat to mankind, he faces the most serious peril of his fifteen year old life. Things will never be the same again. In his toughest, most personal adventure yet can Tom save the world and those closest to him? Or will humanity fall to the storm of the century?


Published May 2021


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It’s been more than two and a half years since the publication of Blue Sky Black during which time the world has faced a real life crisis, which is still ongoing. Although the series is set more or less in the present day I decided not to include the pandemic in this or any of the forthcoming Heart of the World novels so I would say that all the books are set no later than 2019.  
I would caution that some younger or more sensitive children may find parts of this book upsetting but I believe that children’s fiction should not back away from some of the realities of life otherwise kids will be totally unprepared for what awaits. Maybe in the current pandemic situation this may not be an issue.

Whatever things are like at the moment we still need some adventure and this novel has plenty of that plus it links to current concerns over global warming and climate change. I really wish that elemental solutions suggested in these pages could become a reality but unfortunately we have to look to our own behaviour to try and solve that issue.

Hopefully readers young (and older) will enjoy this fifth in the Heart of the World series and maybe check those clouds next time you’re outside…

John Connors (May 2021)

Author Notes

Nb Major spoilers- to be read after the novel!

Author Notes


Deleted Scenes

Click on the link below to read a number of scenes deleted from the novel at various stages.

Deleted Scenes


Alternative cover

For various reasons I decided to change the cover at the last minute, here is the first version which I really like. However it really is just someone in the rain and after a while I didn’t feel it was strong enough which was my fault entirely.  

DarkNature eBook Front.jpg